Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Claims, Selecting an Insurance Policy, Obtaining the Right Policy and Making a Claim

Every year thousands of people suffer holiday accidents and incidents on their holidays. Fortunately for most, any losses and expenses such as medical costs are limited because their policies have covered them.

In advance of travel, it is vital that you select a policy that covers your requirements so you are not caught short in the event of a serious injury or criminal activity whilst abroad.

Why take out Travel Insurance in the First Place

By taking out a sensible policy you will be protecting yourself from paying or losing significant sums of money. If you have an accident on holiday, the right policy will cover you for all your medical treatment arising out of your injury. Costs could include hospital treatment, medication costs as well as the cost of an air-ambulance.

Without cover, you may find yourself thousands of pounds out of pocket or else you may be reliant on a family member to help you out.
Policies also offer cover for lost and stolen property, delay, cancellation costs in the event of bereavement or illness and curtailment costs should you need to travel back to the UK.

Considerations when Purchasing Travel Insurance

1. Check to see whether you do not have an existing policy with your home/ contents insurer or from the credit card company used to book your holiday.
2. If you do have pre-existing insurance, make sure it covers all of your needs including accident cover for example.
3. Compare different insurance policies and if you are offered one by your tour operator when you book the holiday make sure that it covers everything that you want it to cover.
4. Make sure you read the small print. The full policy document may look lengthy but by reading it in full you will be assured of what you have covered in the event of needing to make a holiday accident claim.
5. Check the excess you will have to pay if you need to make a claim. Most policies will require you to pay a sum of money up front before you can make a claim. Excesses can vary and may exceed the sum you may need to claim.
6. If you carry European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which means you will be entitled to state-provided healthcare if they fall ill while on holiday in the EEA, be wary of the fact that it may not cover you for all of your costs such as an air-ambulance back to the UK in the event of a serious holiday accident.

Making a Successful Holiday Claim.

Here are some tips which will help you make a claim against your insurer in the event of you having an accident abroad.

Bring your travel insurance documentation with you, including your full policy and keep it safe. The documentation should also include a reference and important telephone numbers.

Remember to ask for receipts and keep them. If you have to pay for medical expenses arising out of your holiday accident your insurance company will want evidence of the costs.

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