Monday, November 5, 2012

India ? A Traveler?s Paradise

Ross Brook worked as a creative director at a high profile advertising firm in the US. After working continuously for 7 years creating innovative advertisements for innumerable products he was exhausted. Mentally. He needed a break real bad and applied for an extended leave from work, which was luckily approved. Ross stayed at home and spent his days watching multiple movies, but after a while even that turned out monotonous for him. He needed to get away somewhere that would give him the peace of mind and rejuvenate his soul.

He opened his laptop and typed “idyllic places for a vacation” into the Google search box. As usual thousands of results came up. Italy, Greece, Egypt, Scotland, Switzerland, New Zealand and many more. Usual places. Nothing appealed to him. He wanted to visit a place with an out worldly charm.

On the fourth page of the results, tucked away in some corner of the page was a place called Sohna, India. Intrigued, he clicked on it, and was routed to a page with the most scenic landscapes he has ever seen. Landscapes which called out to him almost instantly. That’s when he knew Sohna was the exact place where he wanted to go.

He made all necessary arrangements, and when he informed his family they looked at him and whispered, “ he has really lost it, hasn’t he?” but Ross did not really care. He knew Sohna was the place where he can relax and enjoy.

Ross later described his visit to India as magical.

Many similar stories can be narrated, where people from all over the world have travelled to India, for a completely “India tour”. Luxury India tours are also available to tourists who want a truly royal experience.

Packages are available for tourists who want a complete tour of the country in a limited time period. Custom made tours are also available for clients under which one can choose the places to be visited. Family vacations, honeymoon packages etc are provided by experienced and professional tour operators.  A comprehensive itinerary is provided before the tour starts, and is followed religiously.

For tourists who prefer to travel on their on own and visit places they wish to, tours can be planned then and there.  Travel agents provide complete information about the place and the various means to get there. Also, information about where to stay and local places to visit is given to the tourist.

Time to feed your soul. Travel to India.

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