Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eco Travel

Eco travel is a sustainable travel which is based on the idea of experiencing the balance of nature rather than upsetting it. Our earth is incredibly beautiful place full of rich ecosystems. But over the time the greenery is disappearing and plants and animals are going extinct gradually. That is why our tourism industry practices responsible tourism and foster awareness among the travelers. Eco travel aim at traveling with out disrupting or harming local culture or climate or damaging the ecology of that region. Preserving the natural luxuries, forest life and saving the environment around us is what the eco tourism all about.

Eco travel is a new concept of traveling, typically defined as travel to destinations where flora, fauna, natural heritage are main attractions. It also includes to enhance the cultural integrity of the people and also supports the program the minimizes the adverse effect of the traditional tourism on the natural environment.

Preservation of cultural, biological and historical resources along with sustainable development are some of the related field of Eco travel. Many well known personalities from different fields have been engaged themselves in formulating and developing ecotourism policies.

In today's tourism industry eco-tourism is a fast growing industry. Not only in India but it has been getting importance from global market also. While going for an adventurous travel tour like camping, trekking, birding etc we should keep in mind not to create any mishap or disturbance in the life cycle of nature.

Each and every part of India is a collection of eco regions full of natural sightseeing locations. Even the majestic Himalaya alone offer many world famous eco sites, which offer activities like trekking, wildlife viewing, camping, fishing, orchid viewing, glacier viewing, birding, mountain-biking, nature walk and etc.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel tips

There are more frequent people travelling these days, whether its domestic or International travellers. Because of that, many hotel offers cheap hotel, company offers cheap phone card or calling card to make calls, online web hosting offer good web hosting rate.

 Below is the tips for carrying carry-on luggage and check in luggage that might help to ease and make your travelling goes smoothly during your domestic or International trip.


 • As there are more airlines offer free carry-on luggage, there are increasingly people who do domestic travelling with only carry-on luggage.However, do remember to check for the maximum size and weight for carry-on luggage for your flight.

These days, as airlines and airport keep changing their regulation, it is the best to check the maximum size and weight for your carry-on luggage for your airlines. The maximum weight is usually 7-10kg, with the maximum size of 21xm x 40cm x 54cm or 56cm x 45cm x 25cm per bag. Different airlines operate on different policies. Some airlines also only allow 1 carry-on luggage, despite the weight and size. It would just be a waste of time and money when going to the check in and be told that the hand carry is oversize or overweight.

 Do not worry about the small carry-on such as coat, handbag, baby stroller, laptop bag etc, as it can be carried to the cabin and rarely counted as hand-carry. To make your hand-carry luggage easier and more convenient to be carried to your flight, it is good idea to purchase the small rolled luggage or to be more convenient. Purchase the right size carry-on luggage that will just fit nicely under the seat in front of you so that you do not need to squeeze yourself with other to fit into the overhead compartment.

• Items to be packed on Hand / carry-on Luggage

 If you do bring check in luggage, it is important to know that items such as cash, keys, credit cards, cameras, computer, jewellery, medicine, and identification card, business paper should not be pack in check in luggage. Fragile and irreplaceable items should not be packed in check in luggage in the case that there is a possibility that the check in back can get stolen, lost or delayed. Bring and pack the important, fragile and irreplaceable item in your carry-on luggage. It is always safer to put in your hand-carry luggage a bit of toiletries too in the case of long delay.

 • List of things that Must not be Carried in Hand Luggage

With recent changes in airline and airport, many of the items that is permitted to be carried in hand luggage is not banned. The items that is not permitted varies from airport in different countries Explosive and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Sharp items such as scissors, penknives, nail clipper, screw driver is not permitted on carry-on baggage in most of country in the world, despite the size. Most airport / airlines only allow liquids, gels or aerosols permit with only less than 100 ml. If you are travelling with baby or in prescription medicine and in need of more liquid to be carried on hand luggage, please ask for advice from the airlines days before your travelling.

 • Pack your carry-on Luggage

 Neatly In some of the airport, the xray system is quite severe. It is suggested to pack the carry-on luggage neatly in the case that the airport inspector wants to inspect the belongings in the carry-on baggage; Fold the cloth neatly, electronic devices and wires coiled properly, liquids, toiletries put in separate bag. The neat packing carry-on luggage will speed up the xray process as the inspector can have clearer view of the content of the bag and it is easier to put the stuff in if any case the inspector wants to inspect some items.

 • Hints for Checked Baggage

 If you have travelled using the travel baggage that you are going to use for your next travel, it is better to remove any previous airline tag to prevent confusion before putting the new airline tag. To easily recognise your checked in baggage, it is better to put identification label/luggage tag given by the airlines in the luggage and if possible, write down also the home address in the case of your baggage is lost. It is more critical to put the airline tag if you travel to different places or in transit to different places Putting the airline luggage tag with numbers or easy identification such as colour tape, ribbon stickers etc will also prevent other traveller to mistakenly take your luggage if in coincidence the baggage looks similar. Check-in luggage should be locked at all time no matter where your travel. Lastly, do make sure that your check in bag are going to the destination of your travelling.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Travel Jobs

Ever had the desire to quit your lame 9 to 5 job, tell your boss to shove it, pack up and start traveling the world?

All of us have had that desire at one point! The thing that stopped you was probably the same thing that stops most people: money.

"How will I pay for my flights, food, lodging, transportation, yada, yada, yada," you asked yourself.

Don't let these concerns bother you too much, because there is an underground, growing group of travelers who are utilizing some simple but hidden techniques to make significant incomes while traveling.

Here's an overview of how we make money traveling and by landing travel jobs:

Underground Travel Income Method #1 - Traditional Travel Job - Hold a job that either a) pays for us to travel or b) is located in the place we wish to travel to.

This is the lowest paying and most complicated method of all, but is the most commonplace.

Common jobs that pay for travels are for professional speakers, salespeople, package couriers, flight attendants, travel nurses/doctors, conservationists, cruise ship workers, etc.

Travel jobs located in the places we wish to go to can be any of the above, but also are specific to the location we travel to. There are some FUN jobs overseas that are looking for foreign workers!

Underground Travel Income Method #2 - Travel Writing - Travel writing jobs for magazines are more common than you may imagine. However, there are LOADS of other ways to write as you travel and make money, including blogging, picking up projects from sites like Elance and Guru, and writing travel guides, both online and offline.

Underground Travel Income Method #3 - Selling Affiliate Products - Using a simple website, you can drive online traffic to a product that will be of interest to your online followers. Don't be intimidated by this! It can be as easy as using your very own Facebook or Myspace profile. Affiliate products typically pay 50% to 75%, so you can make a very healthy income for selling just a few objects.

Underground Travel Income Method #4 - Filming Your Adventures - If you've got the camera out and you're taking pictures, why not switch it to 'film' mode and make money from it? You simply make a video of your destinations using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, then use your videos to create a customer base!

Underground Travel Income Method #5 - Podcasting - If filming scares you off or intimidates you, you can make an iTunes podcast. It is easier than ever to get listed in iTunes and there's a HUGE audience of podcast listeners. Simply talk about the places you visit two or three times a week and watch how your following grows... and how your bank account grows!

Underground Travel Income Method # 6 - eBay - The common misconception about eBay is that you have to sell a physical product to make money. Here's the trick: You can set up a fulfillment house to ship your product (or hire your little sister or the neighborhood kid). All you have to do is create your eBay post from an internet caf and collect the money!

Take any one of these six 'travel job' methods, and there are hundreds of travelers all over the world making more money than they would at a regular 'job...' and they're living it up at exotic, world-class destinations. Take your pick, and take action on the ideas here!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lansdowne Travel

Fast Facts:

Altitude: 600 meters above the sea level.

Language spoken: English and Hindi

Best time to visit: March to October


The most notable hill stations of north India in the state of Uttrakhand is Lansdowne. It is located at the distance of 45 km from Kotdwar which enroutes Kotdwar- Pauri in the Pauri Garhwal district.

Favorable Time to Visit:

As other hill stations of Garhwal Himalayas, the summer months are pleasant and also offer the travlers with the ample opportunities to enjoy the nature. The winter months can be more severe and is cold wih the snowfall and temperature which can even go down below zero level.

Special Attractions of Lansdowne:

The special part of the this hill station it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and is covered by the thick oak and blue pine trees through which one can enjoy the natural beauty of the hill station.

It is the only place other than Mussoorie and Chakrata which is counted among the regular tourist destination. The most popular Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army is having the command office in Lansdowne. They have still maintained the charm and it is still maintaining that beauty and is an ideal gateway.

Places around Lansdowne:

Kotdwar: Located at the distance of 45 kilometers and is the last terminal to Garhwal.

Karnwa Ashram: Situated at the distance of 14 kilometers from Lansdowne. It is believed that Shakuntala has given birth to her prince whose name was Bharat and after his name the name of the country is called as Bharat Varsh. Other nearby attractions are Sidhbali Temple (3 kilometers) and Charaik Hills (20 kilometers).

Jwalpadevi at the distance of 52 kilometers which is better known as religious area of the entire division on the main Pauri- Kotdwar road. There are number of devotees who comes here at the time of Ashtami to offer the prayer.

Reaching Lansdowne:

By Rail: the nearest railhead from Lansdowne is Kotdwar which is directly linked with buses and it takes around 2 hours to reach Lansdowne. It is connected through the motor able roads through almost all the cities of Uttrakhand.

Lansdowne is 295 kilometers from Delhi, 95 kilometers from Haridwar and 150 kilometers from Haridwar.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel Destination

Talking about Cyprus, one feels the dearth of words. A tour around Aphrodite's Cyprus is all you need to appreciate nature and its beauty at the best. Cyprus being an island

country at the eastern side of the Mediterranean, it is the most desired tourist spot in the region and is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.

There are few events in Cyprus which are cannot be missed. Cyprus is among those places where you will not get bored at any point of time in the year.

oral Bay in Southern Cyprus is a great family resort just 8 miles from Paphos. With a beautiful beach, Coral Bay is particularly popular with those seeking a relaxing beach

holiday. The rugged coastline here provides plenty of coves to be explored and enjoyed.

Most visitors travel Paphos to experience the wealth of history and culture on display, and to enjoy the tranquil and beautiful countryside that the west coast of the island

offers. But Paphos is not just for history lovers. Many people are unaware of the great facilities that are also available to families in the area.

These are just a few ways that you can enjoy a family holiday in Cyprus, but the island is bursting full of attractions for people of all ages. For example, if your family are

the adventurous type you might want to try go-karting in Larnaca or paragliding at Kourion or at St Hilarion.

Although these two countries have been labelled as 'expensive' after entering the Eurozone and the euro currency, current research based on consumer demands to show more

transparency in the general cost of holidays shows that both Greece and Cyprus are actually ranked amongst the cheapest holiday destinations when it comes to the actual package

holiday cost, as well as all associated expenses. Surprisingly enough, Greece is at the moment cheaper than Turkey, often perceived as the most economical holiday destination.

When comparing the two destinations, current research shows that based on average cost of a holiday, Cyprus is slightly cheaper than Greece. The island boasts great

accommodation capacities and fantastic beaches both on its southern and northern, the less commercialised coastline. Overall, both destinations provide enough attractions and

beaches to satisfy every taste and budget and are traditionally a great option for all types of holidaymaker - the young and lively as well as families with children and the

more mature customers. Choosing to holiday in Greece and Cyprus this year could mean enjoying a quality holiday for less money.

This is the main advantage of booking a luxury holiday in Cyprus. There are plenty of treatments, facilities and advantages that come with it. And if you have a family you will

benefit even more. Many of the spas and luxury hotels in Cyprus have kid's clubs of some kind.

Paphos is a brilliant location in Cyprus, as it is a good resort within itself, but there are also many nearby sites and you can also take a day trip to the capital of Cyprus

from there with great ease.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Budget Travel

Have no worries about how are you going to spend your summer or spring vacations. It is supposed to be a real break for you, so stop the bother and just hang on to what all inclusive vacation deals have in store for you.The Grand Canyon is an amazing place, so I have dreamed to visit it since I was a little girl. And I has fulfilled my dream in June this year.


I live in New York, but I have never been to Washington D.C. But last Sunday I had a nice day in the capital. That was really a great city, Life gets monotonous if we don't take care of few minor things to shape our life. We follow a regular routine. The last thought that comes in our mind before going to bed is to get up early the next day and go to work.


The Broadway theatre chain features some of the great theatres around the New York City. The theatres have become part of history and still running since much last year's providing sheer entertainment to the people.Travel is something that makes you feel relaxed, better somehow recharged.

It is the fun that makes travel such a unique experience wherever you go.


People across the global who are fond of traveling must be aware about online website known as Expedia. Traveling to new places gives a freedom to interact with people of different countries or regions. Since travel booking was a new "arena" to Microsoft, they created a travel agency to maintain all the travel deals, nearly three years after the launch of the site.


A businessman who travels occasionally does not have much time to search and assess a particular hotel so as to check its rates and services. Expedia is an online site that will let you easily book flights and hotels if you are going on a trip somewhere. It is an American-based company but they do have local websites for other countries that they operate in.


It is possible that you might have, at one point in your life, had to work with a website or company such as Expedia in preparing your trips. Are you looking for a new vacation trip? If yes then you might want to try cruises to nowhere. It is inexpensive and it usually leaves in great cities such as New York.


When you are planning a holiday, you might find it difficult to get everything organised the way that you want.While the economy hasn't been good, all of us should not let it get in the way of our much needed vacation. It has been shown that vacations are needed to stay healthy.


The west side of the city is filled with narrow streets with old buildings and tiny street vendors. Shamian Island on the Zhujiang river is home to old colonial buildings. The streets are lined with banyan trees and its pace much slower then rest of the city.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How Travelers Choose Their Travel Agency

The travel industry has been rendering satisfactory services to travelers over the past years. There had been changes in the system of selling travel related products, as well as in the relationships and partnerships between travel suppliers and consumers, but the industry maintains a flexible attitude that leads to its continuous successful operation.

In general, a travel agency is a retail business. It sells travel related products and services on behalf of travel suppliers like cruise lines, airlines, car rentals, hotels, sightseeing tours, and more. Usually, several products are combined to consolidate the cost of the travel. More than preparing travel plans for tourists, travel agencies have travel arrangement services for business travelers.

Most travelers prefer to resort to the services offered by travel agencies for their travel arrangements. According to a leisure travel monitor survey, consumers prefer to negotiate with travel agents because of their ability to provide the best options and prices. Agencies claim that it is not only the price of the travel consumers take into consideration. More than cost of the travel, consumers regard the dates, location and quality of accommodation, recreational amenities, and convenience of transacting business.

The same survey shows that consumers buy insight. Travel agents, therefore, need critical knowledge about the travel related products and services that they are selling. Travel agencies address this issue by ensuring that their agents have a broad knowledge on travel destinations like the means of transportation, tourist attractions, and the likes. For example, the travel agents Minneapolis travel agencies have are knowledgeable on cruising because they specialize on such trips.

Consumers prefer to transact with travel agents primarily to resolve the issue about time. Most travelers do not have enough time to book their own tickets or reserve their own hotels. They rely on travel agents for a personalized travel experience with the right quality. A travel agency Minneapolis can help consumers get the travel package that they desire.

Travel agencies, like the travel agency Minneapolis has, provide more than travel arrangements. They ensure satisfaction of their customers to gain their trust and loyalty. More than giving professional advice and expert guidance, they are after customer advocacy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ponmudi Travel


Ponmudi is located in Trivandrum District of Kerala. It forms part of the Western Ghats that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea. The main attraction of Ponmudi is the pleasant climate throughout the year. It extends the view of beautiful tea gardens all around the region. Dense green forest, wild animals, Kallar River, Golden Valley etc, enhances the beauty of the destination. The city is connected to Trivandrum by a narrow road that extends a scenic view on the way. It is good place for trekking and hiking. Motta peak, one of the peaks on Ponmudi is considered the good place for trekking.

Famous attractions of Ponmudi.

Golden valley: It is one of the must to visit tourist destination of Ponmudi. The valley is surrounded with blue hills and small rivers on all sides. The lust green forest area has tropical vegetation throughout the year. It is the home town for tea gardens scattered across the mountain. A wide range of animals dwell in the region.

Aaranmula Race: Aaranmula Temple festival is one of the popular festivals of the region. A boat race, more popularly known as snake race, is organized once in a year during the festival season in the month of August or September.

Agasthiyarkoodam: It is one of the most adventurous destinations of Ponmudi. This is highest peak in the Western Ghats Mountain region. It is most famous for trekking and trekking is opened only for three months. And trekking is accessible only with the permission and guidance of the Forest department of Kerala.

Meenmutti falls: The other major attraction of Ponmudi and the highlight is that the meenmutti falls is one among few waterfalls that brim with water throughout the year. It is found in the Agasthiyarkoodam.

Peppara wildlife Sanctuary: Sanctuary is open for the entire year. Apart from the usual animals, the wildlife sanctuary is specialized with rare species of Leopard and Elephant.

Apart from these attractions, a radio station and a deer park is seen in Upper sanatorium.

How to Reach Ponmudi

By Air - Nearby Airport - Trivandrum International Airport at a distance of 67 Kms.

By Train - Nearby Railway station - Trivandrum Central at a distance of 60 kms

By Road - From Trivandrum road transport offered by public and private services