Friday, January 18, 2013

Traveling Light


A road journey is one of the most sought after way to spend time with family and friends. Something that is necessarily kept in mind in a road trip planning is to travel light-mentally and physically. Last summer my family and me too planned a road one and made sure that we leave no stone unturned to make it an exciting journey. And every one of us had been told that we should travel as “light” as possible and we adhered to the instruction as best as we could. All the preparations were done and the hotel was booked in advance. At least we thought that all the preparations had been done.


We all had been looking forward to it and finally we started on our much-awaited trip. Once we started the results of traveling light started showing up.

Among the many funny kid’s activities is their habit of constantly munching something. But in order to travel light we had not carried anything to eat with us since it was planned that it will be bought en route. But an eating joint or even a kiosk selling snacks or cold drinks was nowhere to be seen for vast stretches. Soon we ran out of water as well. And this was yet another repercussion of traveling light since we had the amount of water which was only half of of what we could have actually.  After some time we spotted a small hotel along the roadside to pull over and by now our hunger had got the better of us. Then we got another shock. In order to travel light we were carrying limited cash as it was planned to use credit card over cash. And all the cash had already been spent in the refueling station and the hotel obviously never had the system to accept payments using a credit or debit card. Somehow, we convinced them that we would pay on the onward journey and moved ahead hoping that it would be a smooth journey thereafter.


 While we were involved in sharing funny jokes and other funny activities our car started to wobble. We understood that it was time for another surprise gift. It was a flat tire this time. It was already evening and what was supposed to be a memorable trip was soon turning into drudgery. But as we looked around we caught sight of a beautiful landscape which seemed a perfect set up for family fun activities. It was a lake outlined by some mango trees, which luckily had some ripe mango fruits. So we changed all that was originally planned and decided to camp around this lake. Its cool water was the most tempting thing in that summer heat. We played games and funny pranks on each other and did fishing and it was time to share our joy. We had a great time and finally, they became memorable moments for us and now my sweet memories include this trip with my family.

Share your joy and spread your moments. There are a few websites that offer you to do this like Whether road trips, funny pranks or silly kid’s stories, you can share them all and add to the memorable moments.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is an integral part of a business expansion strategy. However, sometimes business owners tend to shelve their travel plans fearing undue hassle. But a corporate travel agency can make life easier for you. The agencies are dedicated to making your business trip smooth and hassle-free. The agencies will come up with customized travel plans, keeping your needs and requirements in mind. They need to offer service at an affordable rate. Otherwise people will look for other corporate travel agencies. The service has to be exquisite and the package cost-effective.

It’s quite natural for a business traveler to get attracted to a corporate travel agency that offers cost-effective hotel and rental car rates. So, it’s in the interest of all the corporate travel agencies to offer affordable services. The agencies also have regular business clientele.

They offer discounted rates to those regular clients.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now access the all the leading corporate travel agencies. You can compare their tour plans and prices sitting at home. You can even hire any corporate travel agency by filling out a simple online requisition form. You can also get in touch with the corporate travel experts for further consultation. All the comprehensive corporate travel services will be at your fingertips if you search online.

The purpose of hiring a corporate travel agency is to have someone capable of handling all travel-related hassles so that you do business peacefully. You can now shop around and compare various corporate travel agencies sitting at home. Also, you can have information on the latest trends in the corporate travel industry. A corporate travel bar is indispensable for all business entrepreneurs. Only specialists should handle corporate travel, as it’s quite a complex and hazardous affair. You need to have a corporate travel agent on your side to keep it simple.

Corporate Travel Services provides detailed information on Corporate Travel, Corporate Travel Services, Corporate Travel Agencies, Corporate Travel Management and more. Corporate Travel Services is affiliated with China Business Travel.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Travel Wallet - The Most Essential Travel Accessories

Are you into frequent traveling? Whether you travel for professional purposes, or simply due to the fact that you love to travel, there are some important things that you need to carry with you. Since you are into traveling, you must also be aware of the fact that there are several travel accessories available, and a travel wallet is possibly one of them. This is a wonderful travel accessory that you can keep with yourself, so that you can stock the savings for your trip. These are of course different from the usual types, and in the recent days, these wallets are certainly very important and exclusive.

There are wide variety of designer wallets with different designs and styles that you would find in a travel wallet. In addition to that, you can also expect to find them in large numbers of materials. Therefore, you would have ample of options to cater to your requirements.

However, a leather wallet is possibly one of the best options that you can think of; these are extremely elegant and charming. If you carry these leather ones with yourself, you would be able to achieve a sense of perfection while reflecting a significant style statement.

Whether it is a leather wallet, or any other wallet that you use while you are traveling, it is very essential for you to know the importance of these wallets. Well, these are slightly different from any ordinary wallet that you would find in the market. As the name indicates, since a travel wallet is exclusively meant for traveling purposes, there are plenty of compartment and spaces. Thus, you would be able to store large numbers of things like credit card, bank notes, passport, air tickets, and many other important necessary documents that you might require while you are traveling.  This in turn, would assure you that you would be able to store all the important things in one place.

Since the size of a travel wallet is big, you might often think whether it is the ideal option for you to carry while traveling. You might think that, would it make you feel comfortable. But you can always be assured that these have been designed in such a way, so that it is easy and flexible for you to carry. In addition to that, if you go for a leather wallet, you would get them in many sizes and shapes. Consequently, you would always be able to select from the one that best caters to your requirements.

When you use a leather wallet, you can be assured of its durability and quality. Not only, it would serve a wonderful purpose of storage, but at the same time, it would definitely be your travel companion for longer periods that you can even imagine. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about the price. Even if, they are slightly expensive compared to any other material, yet you can be assured these travel accessories would certainly give you a good value to your investment.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Travel Insurance

If you have any kind of problem while abroad, whether it is a medical emergency, an accident where you damage someone elses property, or have some of your belongings stolen, it can cost a fortune to sort it out. For example, an air ambulance from the East coast of the USA could cost you the thick end of fifty thousand pounds. However, if you have a travel insurance policy, then you do not need to worry about the threat of a financial emergency whilst abroad.

Many people fail to take out travel insurance cover in the mistaken belief that their other insurance policies, such as health insurance or life insurance, will offer them sufficient cover abroad, when in fact this is rarely the case. A typical travel insurance policy should offer:

Emergency medical expenses cover, which includes emergency medical costs and an airlift back to the UK for further treatment if necessary

A twenty four hour emergency helpline, manned 365 days a year

Liability insurance, in case you accidentally damage property belonging to someone else

Insurance against the loss or theft of your belongings

Cancellation and curtailment insurance, in case your holiday plans go awry for whatever reason

Other things that it might cover include personal accident cover, legal expenses insurance, and financial protection against the likelihood of your airline going bankrupt before or during your holiday.

However, it is extremely rare for travel insurance policies to pay out on claims arising from drink or drug abuse.

Also, if you have not taken sensible precautions against the damaging or theft of your belongings, then the insurer may not be willing to pay for replacements, so it can pay to be careful even if you are insured.

The best way to get a good deal on your travel insurance is to shop around online to find the right insurance at the right price. Avoid getting the cheapest insurance if it does not provide you with all the cover that you require, as this could turn out to be a false economy should anything go wrong on holiday.

If you are making more than one trip per year, you might want to consider taking out an annual travel insurance policy, rather than a separate policy for every trip. Not only will this save you the hassle of having to sort out travel insurance every time you leave the country, but it can also save you a lot of money as well.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cheap travel

When the time has come to go on holiday we need to consider what type of holiday. If your budget is limited you may look at the cheap travel option. Look over the internet and local papers for cheap travel options. You should find some good cheap deals. The coach travel is a good one as is the train but do not rule out air travel as the market is abundant with cheap low budget air fares so look well you may be surprised at what you find.

Please be sure of one thing - cheap travel does not by any means mean a compromise of service or value for money. You are right to expect only the best. So first of all where do you want to go? How can you get there? Now we will look at the methods of transportation at your disposal.

Cheap travel, or billige rejser in Danish, can include air.

Many budget air lines offer remarkable value for money offers if the flight is booked in advance. The strategies they use are the first few seats sell at the lowest price and then they get more expensive as the time for departure gets nearer. So as you can see flight is not to be ruled out even in cheap travel planning.

Depending on your destination you may choose the bus, companies run all over Europe so have a good look around for a cheap travel plan from a reputable tour operator or travel agent. Normally bus travel is inexpensive. The only drawback is the length of time it can take to get to and from your destination; it can be days and days.

The train can also be a good cheap travel option but once again time needs to be spent looking for the bargains. If you book a package holiday the train fair may be subsidized by the tour operator but check it all out and explore the options available over night trains seem a good cheap travel method.

If you decide to travel by boat, a ferry can take you to many destinations throughout Europe and beyond so have a look in the daily papers for offers of cheap travel, package trips from one night to world tours it’s all out there you just need to look.

When choosing your mode of travel, do not rule out your car. Depending on the number of people it can work out a very cheap option and has some benefits you have not conceded. If you have four adults sharing it can be very cheap. The cost of the ferries can be divided by four as can the fuel and you get to stop at places the bus will go past. You really are in charge of what you see and for how long. You can change your travel plans to suit your needs. Once again the only drawback is that the time it can take. But if you have more than one driver the time to travel can be greatly reduced.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Incredible Travel Tips from Travel Writers


Travel writers also face numerous unpleasant incidents as other travelers do. This is not because of some absurd travel ethics, but due to the contingencies that are part and parcel of this experience.

In this article you will come across incredible travel information from some of the best travel writers from around the world. The tips will take you into the world of hard earned travelling wisdom of these travelers that are practical, thoughtful and a wise way out for all types of travelers.

- Always hold some extra copies of your passport while ensuring that these are safe as well. Unfortunately, if you lose your bags with the passport therein, the extra copies will help you right away with your stay in the city.

If you must travel with kids, be attentive as they might lose their bags easily. 

- Connect with other travelers and locals in the city through Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Meet them over coffee and even hang out with them. You will enjoy your vacation more by exploring the local culture, trends and lifestyle.

- You can get scores of travel information through local travel guides. However, you must also remember the fact that some travel guides are not updated annually. Purchase the one that is recently updated and composed at least 6 months before publication. Carry up to two travel guides rather than one so you know an unknown place in detail.

- If you have to travel with kids, you must distribute the possessions of each traveler into different bags. In case a bag goes missing, no one person will have to suffer completely.

- While selecting clothes, coordinate with one or two colors that would match with more clothing items. This also reduces the number of accessories and shoes that you will have to pack. Pack as few clothes as possible.

- If possible, it is recommended that you take a hotel pick up rather than a taxi. Countries with high crime rates often report more cases with travelers burgled in public transport.

- Keep your necessary documents including passport in a safe pocket in a shirt or jacket that you are wearing. Keep the currency there as well as it is the most important item to take care of.

- Keep some local currency before you depart, so you have little to worry about cash just as you land. Also distribute the cash at different places of your hand bags so if you lose one of your bags you do not run out of cash completely.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spain Travel

When it comes to traveling to Spain or traveling to any foreign country, you will notice that it is just more convenient if you use a rental car. You'll be able to find a lot of great deals when you look online and talk to your travel agent. You'll find that when you shell out some extra money for cabs and the public transports, you'll only be wasting your money. You could save so much when you just look into renting a car.

Spain is known to have quite progressive attitudes towards gay community and people in Europe. In Spain, gay and lesbian couples have same marriage rights like that of heterosexual couples and they can also exercise their rights of adoption similar to that of heterosexual's. In cities like Barcelona and Madrid, you'll find no sexual discrimination between gays and other part of communities.

If you are looking to see architectural mixed styles, Park Guell is the place to go. Its construction was intended to combine both natural and urban landscapes, which are very fascinating. Buildings here are made with perfection, from the tiling, to the terraces, to the designs. All of the wonderful architectural designs are found here and will definitely amaze you.

Since Spain has a wide range of famous tourist destination, it is always advisable for visitors to have a laid out plan of places to visit to ensure that they end up in the place of their dreams. It is wise to know all the cities to make it easy to choose the destination best suited for you.

Since the places of visit are numerous, a tourist would find it difficult to plan his itinerary. One unique aspect of touring in Spain is that most of the places have some monument which is of historical importance. In fact many of the monuments are a challenge to the modern architects. Therefore before planning your visit, identify your area of interest.

Malaga is the birth place of the famous artist Picasso. Picasso was an artist of great caliber. Artists are of the opinion that Picasso is ultimate and none equal to him were born earlier and none will be born in future. A separate museum has been built next to the world famous palace where the works of Picasso have been exhibited. The entire museum has been built by highly experienced craftsmen who have exhibited their superb crafts work.

The Picos de Europa mountain range in the north is another beautiful site. The expansive range, whose name translates as Peaks of Europe, is home to animals such as the Iberian lynx, Cantabrian brown bear, and the Iberian wolf. The glacially sculpted scenery contains the Lakes of Covadonga, and the surrounding mountains are dotted with quiet country towns.

Madrid - The dazzling Spanish city is famed for its festivity and fervor for music. The music-loving city offers a great nightlife to get spoiled. One of the most sough-after heritage cities of the world, Madrid calls one to sweat out until night while thriving on musical notes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Travel Trepidation

You might think that with all the travel we do, we would have no travel trepidation.  I can see where you might be justified to assume that, but you'd be wrong.  We just got back from a wonderful trip that makes for a good example.

We had some vacation time in November... but at that time of year, weather has to play a role in where you're going to go.  We talked about going wine tasting in South America or maybe going to Tunisia in North Africa... but we settled on Israel.

Or should I say, my hubby really wanted to go to Israel.  I slowly let myself be talked into the trip, but I have to tell you, I had more than a little travel trepidation about the goings on in the Middle East.

Counties that routinely end up in the news with stories about violence tend to set many travelers on edge, and you have to admit, Israel has had it's share of unrest.  I was so ambivalent about this trip, that I didn't do much of the planning at all...

actually I didn't do any!

When you start telling friends about a destination like this, you're apt to get a lot of negative feedback.  We got that when we went to Jordan and later when we went to Dubai and Oman, but we didn't let that stop us.  We definitely got some negative feedback when we started telling people we were going to Israel... things like, "Aren't you scared going there?" ...or... "Keep your head down."

We both kept saying that things had been pretty quiet recently, and that if anything flared up, we'd just go to Pismo Beach, California!  But nothing flared up, and there we were on the plane.

We practiced what we preach.  We stayed in a local hotel... not a big name glitzy one that could be a target.  We left all of our jewelry at home.  We dressed conservatively so as not to offend anyone, and we tried not to stand out.

Just like we've found on most trips that make you stretch a little, my travel trepidations were pretty much unfounded on this trip.  We arrived in Jerusalem without any reservations.  The Israeli Tourist Information desk in the airport was able to get us reservations at a nice little local hotel about a five minute walk from the Jaffa Gate to the Old City.

People had warned us about walking in the Old City at night.  But it gets dark early in November, so once we got to our hotel, what did we do but walk into the old city to find a great little Armenian Tavern for dinner.

The whole time we were there, we walked in the Old City at night and had no problems.  There was all the usual hub-bub in the bazaars, but the "step-into-my-shop", "you're-my-lucky-customer" merchants were polite and friendly when we said no.

We took the local blue bus 21 to Bethlehem and had lots of help from locals once we got there.  When we looked lost catching city buses in Jerusalem, we also had help.

Each day that went by with more fantastic experiences, I felt sillier and sillier about the travel trepidation I had had.  The point is, if you have travel trepidations, but you really want to go someplace, do your research.

If it's really unsafe, stay away... but most places are safe to travel to, even places that are often in the news.  Face down your fears.  Once you're there, you'll be glad you did!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Travel Favors

Although there is no hard and fast rule as to what constitutes a 'travel favor' - they generally fall into two categories: 1) items that one uses when traveling or, 2) items one normally wouldn't take but because they are miniatures of their more popular counterparts or because they are well packaged - they are perfect to take with them on a trip.

Items that one uses when they travel: 

The most popular of these favors, especially when given as travel wedding favors, are luggage tag favors. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials - from elegant chrome or silver to whimsical designs (stiletto heels as an example). Most of the tag favors can also serve as unique place cards and holders. Simply remove the informational insert found inside a luggage tag that is meant to be filled out with your contact information. Then, turn it over and on the blank side write your guests names and their table assignment. Insert the 'place card' back in and they are ready for your reception.

Other travel favors include cosmetic or jewelry bags and suitcase shaped pill boxes.

Items that are in miniature in size or that are packaged to travel well:

Small candles, typically poured into tin containers, are popular travel favors too. They don't take any room in your suitcase and can set a romantic mood no matter where you find yourself. Simply recap them with the tin lid prior to packing them again. A mint tin shaped as a suitcase is also a popular favor. At the reception, when it is given to guests, it always filled with some type of candy (or birdseed/flower seed) but the tins are reusable and perfect to be refilled by your guests with their favorite mints or small candies and then stashed away in a suitcase for when a craving hits. 

Whatever travel party favor you choose to give your guests will appreciate that you've given them something to make their next trip more enjoyable.

Diva Entertains, Copyright 2009

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Travel Luggage Tips - How To Travel Light

It is not unusual for travelers to shop when they are in their destination. If you are in a country where prices for goods and other commodities are quite cheap, you would want to hoard a lot of stuff. You are tempted to buy more than necessary. Moreover, people cannot help but buy things they do not have in their own country.

As a result of this shopping spree, the usual light weight of the bag turns heavier. If it is any consolation, you are heading home already and carrying a heavier baggage is better after a good vacation.

But still, you would want to carry your luggage easily. Here are some tips you should consider:

1. When buying your luggage, do not just buy the size that can fit the items you are bringing with you. Also allot some space for the things you are going to purchase there. You can also purchase an extra bag when you are in your destination just in case you have shopped a lot.

If you don't know how much stuff you are going to bring back, choose expandable types of luggage.

You can unzip some parts for extra space. This will give your bag more space for your shopped goods.

2. Also measure weight of the bag without the contents. The materials have to be durable but lightweight. Choose those with durable hooded casters. Casters made from cheap plastic cannot roll easily. You might end up carrying or dragging your bag. Invest in a good luggage with a good quality.

3. Pack lightly. Remind yourself that you might end up buying stuff where you are going and you need the extra space inside your bag. Bring only one pair of shoes and make sure it is comfortable enough. Plan your outfit so you do not end up bringing more clothes. Transfer the contents of big bath products to small travel sizes so they can easily fit in your bag. Strategize packing so that you'll have more space.

4. When shopping, consider the products you are buying. If you can buy those items in your country, you might as well save the space in your bag for other rare or inaccessible products.

5. Before going to the airport and going back home, measure the weight of your luggage again just in case you have exceeded the weight limit. You might have to spend a bit more on excess weight of checked luggage.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Travel Air Tickets, Air Ticket Travel, Air Travel Tickets

At present scenario, air-journey is one of the easiest as well as time-saving traveling which will let you reach on time at anywhere. Further, you can get tickets at low prices along with numerous deals.

By opting for the travel air tickets, you can travel at your dreamy places at affordable prices. Moreover, you can save some chunk of the time from your busy schedule. One of the major advantages of the cheap air tickets is that a common person can afford to buy the air tickets. Furthermore, those who love to fly but unable to get expensive tickets, now they can buy it at economical rates.

On the entertainment front, one can enjoy his weekends and holidays at his favourite place with available cheap air ticket travel.

Other than that, one can avail several discounts, coupons and deals while buying air tickets. You can also get some facilities such as free refreshments, maid facility with born baby and many other services with tickets. With the help of these services, you can make your trip more easy and entertaining.

If you want to travel today, now you can go with online booking. It will help you by buying air tickets immediately. You can select you favourite airlines and register your name with full requirements. Afterwards, you tickets will be booked easily. To get the best as well as immediate information about cheap tickets planes and deals with rates, one can log on to our site. It will provide you present rates of tickets with lots of benefits, discounts and deals.

On the whole, air travel tickets are one of the easiest plus interesting journeys. It also comes in adventures trips in which one can feel to touch the clouds and stars especially children. So, don't think so long. Go and get the tickets now and enjoy each happiest moment of your life.

Air travel tickets are one of the fantastic ideas which will keep you in your budget, whether you are going for the business trips or your honeymoon trips. These cheap air tickets will also you enjoy with your family or friends.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Travel Insurance

Planning your annual holiday trip is important to most of us as it is the time when we take time to look after ourselves after working hard all year long. Some of us travel more frequently and whether you are planning a single trip or have more than one holiday per year you will probably want to make sure you have adequate travel insurance cover in the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim against your travel insurance.

Unfortunately many people often forget to buy travel insurance before they go on holiday and it is not until you run into problems that you realise how important it would have been to have obtained a travel insurance policy in the first place. The main reason people forget to buy travel insurance is because it can take a lot of time and effort to find the right travel insurance policy and that coupled with arranging the holiday itself either puts people off or travel insurance becomes an oversight.

Besides who wants to think about insurance when they are planning a holiday?

Insurance is not the most exciting thing we can occupy our time with but it does offer peace of mind and is a great help to us when we need it most therefore anyone considering travelling should make insurance a priority especially if you and your family are travelling together. Besides, children are often covered for free if they are dependents of the policy holder and are under 18 years of age.

One way of overcoming the boring task of buying travel insurance is to buy a single premium policy or annual travel insurance which allows you to take many holidays which are all covered by one insurance policy. There are always different levels of cover and it is important to check with your travel insurer to find out what length of holiday your insurance policy will cover. For instance, if you are going away for 6 weeks and your annual travel policy on covers vacations of up to 3 or 4 weeks duration, you will find yourself uninsured which will leave you high and dry. Most travel insurance companies will offer up to 4 options for the duration of trip and it is important that you select the most appropriate option for yourself.

Another advantage of annual travel insurance is that if you enjoy winter sports, you can ask your insurer if they have a winter sports option so you will be covered for those holiday trips as well. There will generally be an additional premium for this but when you bear in mind that winter sports do have a higher risk of injury associated with them, then you will begin to understand the sense in taking out the winter sports option.

Another point to consider when taking out a travel insurance policy is what exclusions and excesses apply. Many travel insurers have a blanket exclusion to cover acts of terrorism. It is worth checking with your insurer what their position on this is prior to purchasing your travel insurance policy. Also the compulsory excess may vary from insurer to insurer. This may affect the travel insurance premium you are quoted when obtaining an insurance quote. Remember, in the event of a travel insurance claim, you will be expected to pay the excess so it is worthwhile considering if this is acceptable to you. The best thing to do is obtain a number of travel insurance quotes especially if you are thinking of buying an annual travel insurance single premium policy. Then compare what each insurer offers so you know which one offers you the best deal.

So if you are currently looking for Travel Insurance then why not check out Insurance Online UK at the links shown below