Friday, January 18, 2013

Traveling Light


A road journey is one of the most sought after way to spend time with family and friends. Something that is necessarily kept in mind in a road trip planning is to travel light-mentally and physically. Last summer my family and me too planned a road one and made sure that we leave no stone unturned to make it an exciting journey. And every one of us had been told that we should travel as “light” as possible and we adhered to the instruction as best as we could. All the preparations were done and the hotel was booked in advance. At least we thought that all the preparations had been done.


We all had been looking forward to it and finally we started on our much-awaited trip. Once we started the results of traveling light started showing up.

Among the many funny kid’s activities is their habit of constantly munching something. But in order to travel light we had not carried anything to eat with us since it was planned that it will be bought en route. But an eating joint or even a kiosk selling snacks or cold drinks was nowhere to be seen for vast stretches. Soon we ran out of water as well. And this was yet another repercussion of traveling light since we had the amount of water which was only half of of what we could have actually.  After some time we spotted a small hotel along the roadside to pull over and by now our hunger had got the better of us. Then we got another shock. In order to travel light we were carrying limited cash as it was planned to use credit card over cash. And all the cash had already been spent in the refueling station and the hotel obviously never had the system to accept payments using a credit or debit card. Somehow, we convinced them that we would pay on the onward journey and moved ahead hoping that it would be a smooth journey thereafter.


 While we were involved in sharing funny jokes and other funny activities our car started to wobble. We understood that it was time for another surprise gift. It was a flat tire this time. It was already evening and what was supposed to be a memorable trip was soon turning into drudgery. But as we looked around we caught sight of a beautiful landscape which seemed a perfect set up for family fun activities. It was a lake outlined by some mango trees, which luckily had some ripe mango fruits. So we changed all that was originally planned and decided to camp around this lake. Its cool water was the most tempting thing in that summer heat. We played games and funny pranks on each other and did fishing and it was time to share our joy. We had a great time and finally, they became memorable moments for us and now my sweet memories include this trip with my family.

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