Monday, November 19, 2012

Dubai Travel

A city of intriguing contradictions, Dubai is one Emirate where the glitz and glamor never ends. Housing some of the biggest and largest constructions in the world, the city of Dubai is truly one that never sleeps. Tourists flock to this tiny emirate to get high on the innumerable parties, clubs, adventure sports and also, retail therapy with the ultimate shopping experience. Dubai travel is for anyone who has a taste for adventure and living the good life. The impeccable hospitality of its people, who just never say "no", will leave you wanting to live there for the rest of your life!

Underneath the surface of this ostensibly materialistic city, however, is a community that never strays from its cherished traditions and customs. From smoking sheesha at leisure to taking a stroll down the Karama and being mesmerized by the dhow (traditional wooden boat) - this represents the real Emiratis of Dubai. Whatever the scene, Dubai travel will definitely leave an impression that will not fail to simulate you.

Dubai Travel Tips

Dubai travel is best made by air. From the national carrier "Emirate" to international luxury flights like Gulf Air, Qatar Airways and Turkish airlines, you can pick from some of the most favored carriers to get to this desert city. Traveling by air is a shortcut to witness this city known for its 70 odd shopping malls, water theme parks, beaches and amazing skyline.

Safety for women is treasured in this city. However, women who travel alone are bound to grab uncalled-for attention, being somewhat of a novelty. It is best for women to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels during their period of Dubai travel, especially because they can access the hotel's private beaches. Another tip would be to wear loose clothing while traveling in public places.

Dubai Travel Sightseeing

Some of the must see places in this city are the Burj Al Arab, the most flamboyant hotel ever built, the palm islands and the Buddha bar, each beating the other in its extravagance. The Wild Wadi Waterpark, Desert safari, hot air balloon rides and cruise the Dubai creek in a dhow, make your travel experience fun and enjoyable. Top this off with a visit during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) for a month long shopping festival that includes every shop in the city. There's no better way to end your Dubai travel than by witnessing the definitive DSF with the concerts, fireworks display and full on entertainment!

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