Monday, July 23, 2012

TravelHost Magazine ? Travel publications for a well informed traveler

Since its inception in 1967 TravelHost Magazine has defied all odds to become one of the most sought after travel publications, and which many tourists use to plan their vacations. This magazine is distributed free-of-charge in hotel, lodge and resort rooms across all the states in the country, far away from its original home in Texas. This publication provides concise contents with regards to the activities and happenings to expect in the area being covered by each edition, and it is also an effective advertisement platform - an incentive that many hotels find very useful.

TravelHost Magazine is by and large the leading national in-room travel publication; since its inception it has gone on to serve close to 6000 hotels and approximately 1.2 million rooms worldwide.

The magazine features new vibrant cover designs for the year 2011 and the publications contain compelling advertisement messages from different hotels thus helping these establishments to increase their room reservation volumes and annual revenues.

This magazine has effectively served the hospitality and travel industry by providing travelers with a unique guide for navigating around different travel destinations and information about the many attractions they can expect to encounter. The traveler will therein find many special feature sections that will provide interesting visitor info in an easy-to-read and traveler-friendly format. Travelers can expect information on concierge services, media guides, features available the travel destination, places of worship and customized maps to help get around with relative ease.

TravelHost Magazine is loved for its great feature articles which provide in-depth insight alongside past and present accounts about the locales of a given travel destination. Tourists also find great travel suggestions and traveler-targeted information to help them make better traveling decisions about their future vacations. This magazine is of great help in terms of presenting tourists with a wide variety of traveling options. Studies have shown that many tourists avoid exploring new travel destinations because they do not have adequate info about them and as such they end up visiting the same destinations for all their future vacations to avoid putting themselves at risk. This magazine has been pivotal in rejuvenating many travelers’ adventurous spirit.

Ardent travelers have been making use of TravelHost Magazine to hunt down the best deals in the destinations they intend to visit. In this magazine they are certain to find lists of the top hotels accompanied with details of holidaying incentives including restaurants, shopping centers, fast food spots, drinking venues, beaches, fitness facilities, festivals and events, and so forth. This magazine is certainly an indispensable travel accompaniment that will ensure that every travel decision you make is an informed one. The magazine also features great travel photographs and which in every way illustrate what leisure travel is all about.

Many travel writers are always eager to share their encounters on TravelHost Magazine and this is a clear testament of the popularity of this publication. Nonetheless, this magazine demands nothing short of top quality articles for its readers. As such, major preference is given to top travel writers as they can ably provide in-depth vivid travel collections that can inspire travelers to more travel adventures.

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