Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Intrepid Travellers

If you are an intrepid traveller then it will be the unreachable that draws you to new destinations and things to visit when you are travelling. Most people just plan their next holiday, but the diehard traveller will be looking to better their last trip and really make something remarkable.

Why not think about these?

Using all the pages in your passport: what a pride point to achieve! It might seem like a pain to a normal person to apply for new pages, but it's such a badge of honour to have all the stamps of the countries that you have visited on display.

Climbing to the highest point of the countries you have visited: its amazing to see a country from its highest peak, so why not get to the top and be in the rare few that have seen the terrain from that angle.

Seeing one hundred countries: if you want membership in the traveller's century club then collect passage into one hundred countries and be one of the elite few allowed to attend.

Acquiring rare passport stamps: there are some countries that are rare and unusual, and the acquisition of one if these stamps is like gold dust.

Take Lichtenstein for example. How many people do you know with that stamp?

Seeing the world in eighty days: might sound easy, but the real trick is to do it without using aeroplanes. You might have to board a boat, or get on a bus with the locals, but it means that you will get out there and live like the locals.

Visiting all seven of the continents: this would be much easier if Antarctica was easier to get to, but it means taking on Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica and Australasia in the quest to be well travelled.

Getting your kicks on route 66: renting a car and driving the iconic route 66 is a Mecca for travellers, so get it done and get one of the most amazing trips for travellers.

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