Monday, December 3, 2012

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Indian Furniture industry is seeing a very good boom and is considered to be an ever growing industry. Our country is manufacturing and exporting high level of quality furniture in terms of design, fashion and technology. Indian furniture has built a strong image all across the world. Furniture industry requires the employment of a wide variety of raw materials in quite large proportions. The range of these materials includes wood, wood base panel, leather, glass, plastic, metals and textile etc. Different furniture such as sofas, chairs, wardrobes, mattresses, kitchens etc are manufactured in various types, size, shapes, and color combinations to meet the requirements of different places like schools, institutional, offices and residential.

There are a good bundle of factors contributing towards the growth of the Furniture Industry.

These factors are-
- Change in Life style: The concept of good living and better lifestyle has change for the middle class Indians. Interior designing is not only confined to rich and wealthy Indians. The middle class people now do not mind paying an added buck in getting their homes decorated with modern and designer furniture.
- Increase in Disposable Income: The disposable income available to the people has quiet increased, and this increase in disposable income helps people to spend for the betterment of lifestyle and so the other way to the growth of furniture Industry.
- Globalization: It has also lead to the increased demand of the Furniture and so contributed towards the good scope for Wood Furniture Exporters.
- Media: Medias play a vital role in making people learn about the betterment in lifestyle and the lots of available options.
- Interior Designers: Interior Designers also play a very important role in the growth of Furniture Industry. They utilize the wooden furniture to fix in the area getting decorated.
- Furniture Trade Fairs: Furniture vendors participate in the International Furniture trade fairs for increased exposure and thus these contributes towards the growth of Furniture Industry.

The Indian Furniture whether be it Wood Home Furniture of Oak, Mahogani, Shisham, Devdaar woods, or Wood Garden Furniture which creates a cozy seating nooks all plays a crucial role in creating a classy n stylish interior at home. The current scenario shows a good growth in Furniture Industry. The market of wooden furniture alone contributes to the share of nearly Rs 60 crore. According to a recent study, the industry is expected to grow by 20 per cent in near future.


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