Thursday, December 27, 2012

Apt travelers love travel deals


Nearly half of the US online leisure travelers give high importance to their monthly incomes or savings in hand while planning vacation trips, said Forrester in one of its surveys.

The survey reflected the perception of travelers spending online and their leans towards daily deals.

Although the independent researcher found out that only eight per cent of the travelers approached deal of the day websites for travel deals, it expected growing numbers of ‘bookers’ for internet travelling agents because of “new internet-focused travel pricing and planning tools and models”.

Not general but it is a fact that US citizens like to visit daily deal websites to get the far-fetched savings on what they buy.

For a business or leisure trip, deal of the day is a best tool to whittle down the cost of main component that is travelling.

It is really a solace for them when Virgin America sells a 0 air ticket for , Frontier’s coupon requires payment instead of , or a travel deal by Southwest is available at rather than original .

Until recent past, flash sale websites and online travelling agencies were the sole discount houses used to offer off-fare air tickets to trippers besides holiday packages and night stays.

Leading daily deal players like Groupon and LivingSocial challenged the monopoly by publicizing travelling dedicated deals.

Chicago-based Groupon partnered with Expedia, the global leading internet traveling agency, to economize business or leisure trips while Washington D.C.’s LivingSocial also comes up with money saving expedition plans on and off for, what it claims, its 47 million customers in 25 countries.

Adding convenience further, mobile apps also become windows to unbeatable discounts.

Daily deal sites enrich the deal grabbing experience of discount seekers by replicating desktop’s environment for mobile platform.

Let alone couponing websites, deal aggregators are also introducing mobile apps for their subscribers so that they can catch the best deals on the go instantly.

Big names including Groupon and LivingSocial have launched mobile apps while Yipit, a deal aggregator, has also not left behind in the race of hooking up mobile discount seekers to its aggregation service.

Unquestionably, increasing mobile usage is prompting daily deal companies to keep abreast with the palpable shift to mobile from desktop environment after the advent of smartphones. 

“Apple has sold almost 60 million iPhones world wide, while Google’s Android OS is growing at 886 per cent year on year and now activating over 160,000 devices a day, across 60 devices in over 40 countries,” Business Insider reported digitalbuzz in a November’s story.

Handheld devices are liked by online shoppers for their modern services dolled up by an introduction of zip code-induced deal tracing technology of daily deal sites.

A code will pull nearby deals up on the screen.

That is a progressive value addition.

While laying hands on the hot deals through mobile phones during mobility is a kindling experience, fishing out last minute deals is incomparably exciting.

Daily deals help airliners to optimize occupancy rates and score new passengers


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