Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Travel Clocks

The one thing that remains constant, though times seem to change overnight, is the utility and importance of the clock. Right from childhood to retirement, man seems to swear by the clock on the wall or the watch on his wrist. Since every second makes a huge difference, the device for keeping track of this passage stands as victor even in this age of space and cyber technology. Right from our cell phones to the tablet PCs, a clock is installed everywhere. However, on close thought it strikes us that on a cross country or over the continent trip, what clocks can keep track of the varying time zones without misleading the travelers. For such needs, the travel clock has come into being.

Travel clocks need to be adjusted according to the DST, that is, the daylight saving time, in each country. They come from all leading brands and need not necessarily be purchased in the particular country one visits. There are a large number of designs and models of travel clocks available which have become favorites owing to their looks and reliability. There are two main varieties of the travel clock; the traditional and the digital.

The conventional travel clocks retain their classic flavor and have a timeless appeal. With a durable body and clear dials, these clocks show time without extra readings, as in more modern versions. These are not fed by a battery which makes such travel clocks a hit with modern environmentalists. These clocks however are a bit clumsy to handle due to its large size. More modern versions of the traditional clocks are coming into the market. They are smaller in size and have the same features as their ancient cousins. A traditional travel clock is indeed a gadget which scores high on the utility factor.

The modern digital travel alarm clocks are sleeker makes of travel clocks. These are accurate and rarely ditch the travelers. These clocks come with a lot of extra inbuilt features like temperature reader and chronographs. The clocks can give perfect timings. These clocks have fitted LCD displays. With calendars and schedulers inbuilt with the time adjustment feature, these travel clocks record huge sales. Digital clocks run on batteries which are replaceable. A very easy on the pocket option, these travel clocks however, do not last very long. Keep batteries handy on a trip since one never knows when the power machine is to dump the functionality of the digital travel clock.

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